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Introducing Akroma – The New Coin of 2018

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Akroma entered the market abruptly this week after a surprising launch that was leaked on the likes of 4chan. Miners quickly flooded pools with hash power to get in on the initial coin grab. The overall network hashrate was over 1TH at the start of this coins launch! The current difficulty is already at 8TH with a current network hash rate of around 850Gh.

What is Akroma?

A new Dagger-Hashimoto coin has just launched.  On 25 January 2018, mining started on Akroma, an Ethereum clone.  The coin has plans to bring Masternode capabilities to their platform in the near future with a focus on having many operational nodes.

Currently, 5,000 Akroma (AKA) is going to be required for a masternode, however one of the developers has mentioned that this number may change prior to the launch of masternodes. This information has sense disappeared from the coins github so there may be a good chance this number is going to change soon.

The reason being is that the teams wants to find the “right” number of coins required to run a masternode with emphasis being the ability for many nodes to be operational.  Masternodes bring a level of security to the overall coin platform and the owners of these nodes will be rewarded from the development fund.

Block rewards are currently set at 10, with 9 going to the block finder and 1 going to the developer fund.  Currently there is only a web wallet available for the coin, however the next project to be released is a mobile wallet for Akroma with desktop wallets following shortly thereafter.

The Akroma Desktop wallet aims to develop a “next-generation” wallet for desktop as they say that most wallets are focused on the technologically inclined and they hint that that their wallet may simplify things for the average user.

Why we like Akroma:

There’s several reasons why we think Akroma will be a successful coin in 2018, however, the main reason I’d like to touch on is the development team. Normally when you join a discussion about a a coin you often find developers either not online or radio silent.

I was pleasantly surprised by Akroma though. Their developer team is online and often chatting with the general populous in their discord channel. Other than cutting up with their users, they provide regular updates about Akroma through their media outlets such Medium, Discord, and their website.

General Akroma Information:

Website: Akroma.io
Web Wallet: https://wallet.akroma.io/
Desktop and mobile wallets are currently in development.
Network Stats: https://stats.akroma.io/
Block Explorer: https://explorer.akroma.io/
Mining Pools: http://akroma.cryptopools.info/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/akroma_io
Medium: https://medium.com/akroma
Github: https://github.com/akroma-project

What do you think about Akroma?

So what do you think about this new coin? Let us know in the comments or come discuss it with us on Discord by clicking the “Join our Discord” link at the top of the page!

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