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An Interview With A Developer: Barney Chambers of VeggieCoin

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I was given the opportunity to ask some questions to one of the developers of VeggieCoin. VeggieCoin is a personal favorite of mine due to their cause. If you’re unfamiliar with VeggieCoin, you can read a little more about them by reading this article we posted a while back.

Today we spoke with Barney Chambers of VeggieCoin.io

Barney Chambers


What or who attracted you to digital currency?

I love that digital currency, particular those that use blockchain technology, are secure, trustless, and most of all, decentralized. The power that digital currency gives to the public is amazing. Anyone can now transfer wealth globally and instantaneously, in a fast and secure way.

Most of all digital currency that uses blockchain technology is trustless, meaning that users do not need to trust any party to make a secure transaction. This is particularly useful in charity and crowd-funding coins, as each blockchain has a public ledger known as an explorer, which allows the public to see where all of the currency is held, and when any transaction is made, what time it was made, and how much wealth was transferred.

Why should the community adopt your coin? What attracts users to your coin?

Veggiecoin is unique from any other coin in a number of ways. Firstly, it uses a rare and interesting algorithm called HMQ1725, which is an ASIC resistant algorithm that can be mined effectively and efficiently by home computers. Secondly, Veggiecoin automatically sends a portion of all mining rewards to a separate animal fund, which is used to help animals in need around the world.

Veggiecoin is the first cryptocurrency which allows users to donate computing power to help animals, without the need to make a donation of fiat or cryptocurrency. Not only does Veggiecoin have intrinsic value in its secure, fast and transparent blockchain, it will also become the choice currency for animal-friendly goods and services in the future.

What keeps you enthusiastic about your project?

The Veggie community continues to astonish me with their passion and commitment to the project on a daily basis. As a community, we have already helped hundreds of animals in need, and continue to grow at an amazing pace. Just seeing all the animals that we as a community are helping, is more than enough motivation to continue growing the Veggiecoin project.

If you could share one piece of advice to someone entering the cryptocurrency industry, what would it be?

For developers, it is my opinion that if you are creating a big project, you need to make your own blockchain. Do not rely on piggy-backing off another blockchain such as Ethereum by using ERC20 contracts. If you rely on another framework to build your cryptocurrency, you are at the peril of any issues that this framework will encounter.

In the case of Ethereum, this includes things like large Ether costs to use your code, a slow network, security issues and more. I think Ethereum is a great product, but I think some developers create their projects using Ethereum as a short cut to creating their product.

What do you do in your free time?

Free time? What’s that!? I spend about 16 hours a day coding, making YouTube videos or marketing for Veggiecoin. You will see me on Discord at most hours of the day and this leaves me with almost no time! Thankfully I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For more information on VeggieCoin:

Website: VeggieCoin.io

Discord: https://discord.gg/7ECdpKQ

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