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Another failed Launch from Nodez Coin Developers.

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nodez coin fails to launch again
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Excitement was in the air yesterday after the second failed launch of the new coin stumbled to a halt due to a pool admin jumping the gun and essentially pre-mining around 20 blocks before the other mining pools were ready. The Nodez Coin discord was filled to the brim with eager individuals ready to start their miners.

Once the predetermined time for the third launch attempt came, it was hard to keep track of what was going on in discord as the channel filled with excitement and perhaps a little spam as well. However, users were again disappointed as the Nodez Coin team wasn’t ready for launch. The excuse was that they were still distributing the geth client to the pool ops. This process delayed the launch even further to the point of several hours.

Excitement grew again when the deadline came to fruition and the discord buzzed with activity. The time was finally here, the pools were operational or so we thought. Like a flood gate the hashes started flying but there was something wrong.

According to sources there was a flaw with not having a boot node ready that prevented nodes from communicating with each other, essentially making every separate pool their own Nodez network. Blocks were duplicated on every pool due to the lack of communication between nodes as the “boot node was still updating port forwarding” said a lead developer on the project. This was due to the fact a pool admin jumped the gun and let people start mining before the go ahead was given so chaos ensued ultimately resulting in yet another failed launch.

No official fourth launch attempt has been scheduled as of the time of this article but we’re interested in seeing how it plays out in the long run. While it’s a good sign that the developers are still actively working on the coin we’re a little shaken on the amount of failed launch attempts we’re currently sitting at.

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