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Bitcoin Granny Saves Animals by Mining Veggiecoin

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veggiecoin saves animals
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A 75 year old animal advocate, known as Bitcoin Granny, is using cryptocurrency technology to help save animals around the world. She is mining Veggiecoin, a new form of digital currency that has surged in popularity in recent months. Simply by running the Veggiecoin mining software on her computer, she is raising funds for animals, and funding her retirement.

cryptogranny veggiecoin
CryptoGranny, 75, showing off her new NVIDIA GTX1080 graphics card, used for mining Veggiecoin.

Cryptocurrency mining is a way to generate an asset by using your computer to solve complicated mathematical problems. When the computer successfully computes the answer to a problem, the miner is rewarded with digital currency. Mining coins like Veggiecoin is done automatically by your computer, and doesn’t require the user to interact keep an eye on the software.

Crypto Granny is using her desktop computer at home to generate large amounts of digital currency passively, for herself and animal welfare groups. By mining Veggiecoin, she is generating 1 coin for animals, for every 4 coins that she mines. The 75 year old is 1 of more than 500 miners generating the Veggiecoin cryptocurrency for animals around the world, and has single handedly generated over 2000 coins for the animal fund.

“With Veggiecoin, anyone can help animals in need. If I can do it, anyone can.” Crypto Granny explains. “All you need is a computer, and in 15 minutes you can have it all set up.” Crypto Granny became interested in cryptocurrency when she invested $100 inLitecoin at the start of 2017. After she tripled her investment in just a few months, she became interested in mining other digital currency such as Veggiecoin. With her powerful new computer, the retired cryptocurrency enthusiast is making the most of the booming cryptocurrency industry.

Veggiecoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin, designed to fund animal charities and cruelty-free initiatives, without its users donating their money. Users mine Veggiecoin for themselves, and as they do, a 20% coin bonus is generated in a separate fund.

Each month, the Veggie community votes on which charities and initiatives to fund with this coin bonus. The cryptocurrency launched in December of 2017, and has been received positively on popular cryptocurrency forums such as Bitcointalk. The Veggie team announced their intention to list on exchanges in the first quarter of 2018.

Animal welfare charities are desperate for funding, with many relying solely on donations from the public. With little government funding, many animal welfare groups are struggling to look after their huge collection of animals. Veggie co-founder Oscar Chambers explains. “Veggie offers an exciting and innovative way to contribute to animal welfare groups and initiatives, without donating any conventional currency.

Users running the Veggie software will be contributing to the health and welfare of a number of amazing startups and charities, chosen by the Veggie community.”

Every year, 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters, due to a lack of means to accommodate them, and a low number of adoptive homes. For example, in 2016, RSPCA euthanized almost 30% of cats in their care, and more than 42% of horses, livestock and other small animals. With Veggie, users can help fund these struggling shelters by running the Veggie software.

Bitcoin Granny is excited to mine other cryptocurrencies in the future. “I’m always keeping up with new coins coming out. I’m looking forward to experimenting with more coins that have good ideas behind them. It’s easy to get started and you can make money.”

More information on Veggiecoin can be found on their website at www.veggiecoin.io. To mine Veggiecoin, you can download the software from their website, and follow this tutorial.

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