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Bitcoin Latina CEO Causes Unrest for BCL Miners

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bitcoin latina bcl john gotts
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Disturbing news has surfaced in the form of a simple email sent to a person who mined Bitcoin Latina. In an email to a user that goes by “Caustic”, John Gotts displays a sad and unprofessional manner.

Let’s take a look at the email received from the CEO of Bitcoin Latina:

john gotts bitcoin latina


Free tokens? Let’s cover that real quick. BCL offered a bonus to miners as a thank you for supporting their network. User “Caustic” received his bonus and then sold them.

According Kevin Messerly, an individual who resides on the Bitcoin Latina Telegram, this was the wrong thing to do. The sell did not sit well, thus apparently warranting the email from CEO John Gotts. To speak out of opinion, shouldn’t a free market grant a user to do what they will with their own coin?

According to various unknown sources it’s been reported that John Gotts was under the premise that if a coin retained a high monetary value, that it’s mining difficulty would be a direct reflection. Unfortunately if this is true, the BCL CEO clearly lacks understanding of the basic fundamentals of a PoW cryptocurrency.

Shortly after this email was made public, unrest ensued on the BCL discord server. Miners were enraged that a CEO of a coin would treat someone who supported their network with such disregard and lack of professionalism. Hours later, the entire Discord server was wiped clean and it’s now being stated that it was a planned move for a “Communication Restructuring”.

It’s my personal opinion that Mr. Gotts’ email derived from the unraveling of his hype machine he was trying to build for Bitcoin Latina. Not understanding how cryptocurrency works and the instant devaluation of his coin pushed him into some sort of frenzy. You have to wonder if a CEO is so quick to treat one of us miners as such, what else is he willing to do?

Users then migrated to their Telegram for answers. One user in particular who goes by “Pistol22Cal” asked various questions in search for answers who was then banned from the Telegram chat.

It’s been reported to us before that the administration of the Telegram chat was often quick to ban users for going against the grain. From the recent happenings with BCL, I question if their leadership are the right people for the job.

While I believe their cause is just, the current leadership needs reworked. A clear display of the lack of professionalism, communication, and transparency with their users raises too many questions for me to invest any further hash power into their network.

Final Thoughts:

Steer clear of this one for a while, there are far too many issues going on internally to justify an investment of your hash.

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