Electroneum Mobile Miner – LAUNCHED!
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After a long wait, Electroneum developers have finally released the Android Mobile Miner. Users can grab the official app on the Google Play Store from the Electroneum website.  If you already have the Electroneum app then it has been updated and the Mobile Miner is ready to go!

Are you really mining? Of course not, but the $ETN developers wanted mobile users to be able to have a “mining experience”. So once you click the “START MINING” button, it will look, feel, and even pay out Electroneum like you are really mining. The coins that are paid out are not directly from a blockchain reward. As a matter of fact, the Mobile Miner utilizes a separate algorithm all together. The coins earned from “mining” are dispersed from the $ETN team as a way to show how easy Electroneum is to get involved with. The $ETN team says they want the mobile miner to introduce people to cryptocurrency – without ANY risk!

When moon sir? Well, with the Mobile Miner, probably never. But the user can expect to make a couple bucks per month. However, be mindful that the mobile miner will utilize some data and battery life, so you could end up losing money depending on your mobile data costs. I would suggest that you use the miner when you have WiFi access.

Enjoy mobile mining Android users. As for Apple, the app has yet to be approved for addition to the app store, although the Electroneum team says the iOS version is “written and fully functional”. As with any new launch be prepared for any bugs and glitches.

As always, do your own research and make sure to give me a follow @CoachCryptos. Happy (Mobile) Mining!

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