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Farewell, Friends.

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I’ve felt that this was coming for a little while. Today I’ve made the decision to discontinue operations at JustHash.

Unfortunately due to some circumstances I was pulled away from the operation of JustHash for several months due to my work life. In this time, the site was left to disarray and was not updated. I was able to come back about a month ago and things just weren’t the same as they were before, the traction we had established was lost.

I am thankful for the many friends I’ve made since the inception of JustHash and you’ll still see us creeping around various discord servers. However, as for future posts here on JustHash, they will cease to be. I want to personally thank everyone who played a part in the creation and operation of JustHash. A special thanks to Levon and Mario for their work here creating content, and Phatblinkie for always providing the cold hard truth and many inspiring ideas.

Last but definitely not least, I want to thank everyone who visited JustHash and read our content, hopefully we’ve helped you in one way or another.

Perhaps one day the fire will rekindle and we’ll come back in a blaze of glory (sounds nice, right?).

Farewell, Friends.

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