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HBF: The HotelByte Foundation

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HotelByte Foundation
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Update: 8/19/2018

Unfortunately this coin met it’s maker and is no longer available. To honor the memory, you can still read the original article below.


Say that you wanted to go on a trip and needed a nice hotel at a decent rate. You look online at hundreds of websites that compare and often inflate prices. Say you were searching and found 4 similar rooms a the same hotel with the same amenities but are still unsure of what to pick?

Imagine that you’re a hotel owner, director, or manager and you’d like to maximize your ROI, visibility, and have control of your prices, promotions, and servers. HotelByte Foundation aims to resolve these issues better than other platforms.

What Is HotelByte Foundation?

HotelByte Foundation is a platform that brings customers together with hotels and everything resides on the blockchain! Hotels have the ability to upload products, manage pricing, and receive feedback from guests among several other planned features.

If you are a customer, they guarantee a unique experience in your search for a quality and affordable hotel room as well as follow up feedback when your stay is done.

What’s different about HBF?

  1. HotelByte is not a company, they are a foundation. They desire to find you the best deal on a hotel to maximize your experience when searching and staying in your room, found by using HotelByte.
  2. HotelByte isn’t a token! Additionally, there was no initial coin offering. HotelByte is the first minable platform in the world that focuses specifically on the room accommodation portion of the travel industry.
  3. Hotels have a private blockchain to secure all booking data which is entirely free to use.
  4. Total Transparency, there are no smoke and mirrors. HotelByte Foundation offers a clear product, without support from businesses and users, HBF is nothing. We desire to build a community for customers and businesses alike.
  5. We’re not subject to investors. What this means is that we can guarantee the heart of the platform remains on course without need to appease investors. There will be no commission or premium packages with HBF.

The Booking Concept:

You can read the white paper here for a full detailed explanation. However, let’s review an infographic on the basic HotelByte booking process.

hotelbyte booking process

Users will have access to a mobile or web app for reviews and bookings while hotels will have access to a private blockchain to protect users booking data. Simple, elegant, and with no hidden fees or intermediaries.

When will hotels begin using HBF?

In short, let’s look at the roadmap for this one. HotelByte Foundation expects to start working with hotels in Q4 of 2018 when it launches its first marketing campaigns as well as pursue working with other hotels in Q2 of 2019.

How can I search for a Hotel with HotelByte?

HotelByte will offer a unique mobile application that aims to provide a pleasant and simple UI to search and book a room at your favorite hotel. They are currently focused on smart contracts that will allow you to search and find the best deal on a hotel room. Once complete, the application will be made available for beta testing.

How will I pay for a hotel booking?

With HotelByte of course! HotelByte is a real and spendable currency that unifies hotel customers and businesses. HotelByte is not a token like many others, it is a real, living fork of the ethereum blockchain customized specifically for hotels and customers.

HotelByte also plans to offer a debit card for their users with further payment integrations. HBF is currently publicly traded on the stocks.exchange network.

What about intermediaries?

HotelByte is developing a specific program to join the Business to Business model in the current foundation. Essentially, intermediaries will receive a master node on the HBF platform to bring services and technology together without inflating prices. This is something also discussed on the whitepaper.

Want to keep track of current happenings?

Join us on Twitter the Discord Server and discuss the project with us. Think your skill set could be a value add to the HBF Team? Contact them today to discuss opportunities.

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