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How to Mine Akroma with Claymore

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akroma mining
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Akroma has come blistering into the cryptocurrency market like an Angel of Wrath with a mission. This cryptocurrency has easily become one of our favorites here on JustHash. That said, we’d like to take you on a trip down tutorial lane and show you just how easy it is to put your every day gaming video card to work in the mines.

The Proper Tools for the Job:

Let’s start off with downloading Claymore from our downloads section.

Download Claymore’s Ethereum Miner Here.

Extract the zip to your desktop so you now have a folder that looks like this:

extract claymore miner

Let’s make an Akroma Wallet:

We’ll need a place to hold all of your AKA Coins, so we need a wallet! Head over to the Akroma Web Wallet and let’s create a wallet.

When you arrive, the first screen you’ll see is one where you can create a new wallet. So let’s go ahead and Enter a Password (make sure you remember this!) and click create new wallet.

create akroma wallet

The next thing we’re going to want to do is is download our keystore file. This file contains all the information you need to unlock your wallet later on if you want to move your coins around or liquidate them. This file does not contain your password so you will need to make sure you remember your password.

Let’s go ahead and download our keystore and continue.

akroma keystore

On the next screen we can now select the “Keystore” option and click the “Select Keystore” button which will open a file explorer window where you will browse to your newly saved keystore file. Once found, click Open and enter the password you set for your wallet.

Clicking unlock will bring you to your wallet details, in here it lists your address, balance, and other details about your wallet.

akroma wallet details

Now copy your address e.g. ( 0xd05ad5F477C7c417710204915D126136c7ed9808 ) into a notepad file, we’ll need that later.

Creating the Command Line for Claymore:

Luckily we’ve made this really easy. JustHash has a simple claymore miner command line generator you can use. All you need to do is click the link and enter the details we ask for and it will generate the command line you need.

claymore config gen akroma

Copy your config!

akroma config copy

Paste the command line into one of the bat (batch) files:

You’ll now need to edit the bat file in your claymore folder so that way we can start mining. To do this go to your claymore folder, find the “start_only_eth.bat” file, right click, and click edit.

edit claymore bat file config

We’ll now be presented with a window that looks like the following. We’ll want to remove the contents and paste in our own. To do this highlight everything and hit backspace, then right click and click paste.

akroma config

Now all we need to do is save that file and then double click to run it!

You’ve done it now! You’re a miner through and through!

You can check your miner statistics and how much AKA you’ve mined by going to your selected pool and finding your Akromawallet address under the “Miners” section.

Do you have any questions on mining Akroma Coin with Claymore Ethereum miner? Let us know in the comments or join us on our Discord server by clicking the “Join our Discord” at the top of the page and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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