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How to mine Nodez Coin (NDZ)

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With the expected and anticipated launch of Nodez Coin imminent, set to release this Saturday January 20th. Many people are wondering just how to mine this new coin on launch day.

Nodez Coin is an ethereum fork so your typical ethereum miners will work such as Claymore and eminer. We’ll walk you through some steps so you’ll be able to mine Nodez as soon as it releases.

You’ll need a mining program that works for Nodez Coin:

I would suggest using Claymore’s ethereum miner. It’s what I personally use and if the need arises the staff can help you on our discord.

Download Claymore’s Ethereum Miner Here: Windows | Linux

Extract the zip to your desktop so you now have a folder that looks like this:

extract claymore miner

Creating a Nodez Wallet:

Create a  Nodez Wallet on the Nodez Crypto website by clicking here, save your address! It should look something like this: 0xd05ad5F477C7c417710204915D126136c7ed9808

This is a vital piece of information, DO NOT LOSE THIS or your keystore. You will need this information later to access the funds in your Nodez Wallet.

Creating the Command Line for Claymore:

Luckily we’ve made this really easy. JustHash has a simple claymore miner command line generator you can use. All you need to do is click the link and enter the details we ask for and it will generate the command line you need.

claymore command line generator

copy claymore command line

Paste the command line into one of the bat (batch) files:

You’ll now need to edit the bat file in your claymore folder so that way we can start mining. To do this go to your claymore folder, find the “start_only_eth.bat” file, right click, and click edit.

edit claymore bat file config

We’ll now be presented with a window that looks like the following. We’ll want to remove the contents and paste in our own. To do this highlight everything and hit backspace, then right click and click paste.

claymore config paste nodez

Now all we need to do is save that file and then double click to run it!

Congratulations! You’re now mining Nodez Coin!

You can check your miner statistics and how much Nodez Coin you’ve mined by going to your selected pool and finding your nodez wallet address under the “Miners” section. You can also check your wallet balance on wallet.nodezcrypto.io as well to see how much the pool has paid you thus far.

Do you have any questions on mining Nodez Coin with Claymore Eth miner? Let us know in the comments or join us on our Discord server by clicking the “Join our Discord” at the top of the page and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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