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How to quadruple mine!

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What is quadruple mining?

Quadruple mining is where you dual mine on your GPU, mine with your CPU, and use your HDD/SDD for Sia hosting. The easiest way to do this is with a few simple programs.

  1. Claymore Dualminer
  2. xmrig
  3. SIA UI

The premise is that you mine an ETH based coin, such as PIRL and another coin like DCR on your GPU; While mining ETN or XMR on your CPU, as you host 5TB on the SIA network. In this manner you are using the full capacity of your computer/rig.

Note, that SIA hosting and CPU mining are very much long-term investments in mining. With time frames measure 1 year or more to see substantial growth, however the beauty of SIA hosting is that you gain SIA regardless of the difficulty of mining the coin. As well, mining with your CPU can be potentially valuable in the long run as coins like ETN have good potential to grow over the course of a 1 year period.

But, CPU mining is slow.

This is true and it is in no way comparable to GPU mining but, with that said, this is for long-term growth. Over a long period, 1 year or more, the potential is very good for a profitable outcome. Even if you mined only a 500’s ETN in one year if the price goes to $0.50 you have indeed made profit!

SIA Hosting, can I really make money?

While the ROI is not the best, if you have unused HDD space why not sell it to someone willing to buy it for SIA?

The average price per TB you can make is roughly 100 SC per month. Which at todays market price will earn you $4.81 per TB giving you and ROI of about 10 months per 1TB HDD. Granted that is if 100% storage space is purchased. As well there is a 6 week time frame where the SIA network considers your host to be in a probation period , so to speak. Once you have shown that your host runs reliably and can keep up a consistent connection to the SIA network you will begin to see your space being used and you will start seeing rewards.

In conclusion

This form of mining is not for everyone or every rig. However, given the options available and the ability to use every part of your PC to make yourself some passive income…..why not do all you can to put your computer to work for you? The potential for 1 computer with 5TB HDD, i7 CPU, and a RX 580 or 1080ti to pay for itself within a year. I find that to be a very promising adventure in cryptocurrency and starting a path for yourself to earn passive income.


Learn more about PIRL – https://pirl.io

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