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Interview with a Developer: Ben Burnett, Lead Developer of YouStock/Aura

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ben burnett youstock and aura ledger
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Today we’re focusing the spot light on a newer platform that will soon offer individuals the ability to sell off personal stocks to help fund themselves! Ben Burnett from YouStock/Aura Ledger was kind enough to donate some of his time and answer some questions to help us get to know the face behind the projects.

Without further hesitation, let’s dive into a few questions.

How did you get started with digital currency?

I first learned about bitcoin back when it was around $1 per coin, but as a poor college student I couldn’t bring myself to pay real money for it even though I thought it was a really cool concept. I did try to mine some on my graphics card but after only getting about $0.10 after a month of mining, I gave up. That $0.10 would be about $1000 today. I didn’t think about it too much until a couple years later, and bought my first bitcoin for $100. I then got interested in all of the new alt coins that sprung up and wrote a program that would find the best arbitrage opportunities between the various alt-coin exchanges. Another few years went by and now I’m trying to build YouStock.

Why should the community adopt your coin, what attracts users to your coin?

The main idea behind YouStock is that people can tokenize themself, and then trade with others on a decentralized platform. These tokens will be similar to stocks and cryptocurrencies, but they will be backed by unique individuals. Instead of building on the ethereum mainnet, I created a fork of ethereum called Aura and will build it on that. This will help to keep fees low on the platform. Aura is just in it’s beginnings and still a bargain whether you’re buying or mining. Since Aura will be the medium of exchange on the YouStock platform, it should make Aura valuable.

What keeps you enthusiastic about your project?

I’m really excited to find out the different ways people might use the platform. I’m hoping it can be another tool for fundraising, promoting interesting people, and a kind of social/financial mashup.

If you could share one piece of advice to someone joining the cryptocurrency industry, what would it be?

Try not to trade too much, buy and hodl.

What is your favorite hobby (other than cryptocurrency)?


Ben Burnett

Lead Developer

YouStock | Aura Ledger

Ben Burnett Youstock Aura Ledger

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