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Let’s Talk about Akroma!

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what is akroma
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What is Akroma?

“Akroma is a cryptocurrency and application development platform focused on creating a governance model that will reward long-term, sustainable development and design.” -Akroma.io

But, what does that mean?

Simply put Akroma, or AKA, is designed to be a cryptocurrency usable as currency for transactions of goods and services between parties. As well as a base for developing applications that run on the blockchain for Akroma. This is handled by the Masternode system which is the foundation of transaction validation and help to protect and scale Akroma as needed. Masternodes currently cost 5000 AKA.

The other defining feature of Akroma is Decentralized Oracles which allow smart contracts to pull data from outside the network which allow for many advantages but the biggest advantage of all is; smart contracts cannot function without some data source. Without access to these sources of information, use cases for smart contracts drop to just a tiny fraction of their potential. This is the power that Oracles bring to the blockchain!

Key Features!

  • Interoperability
  • No major protocol changes
  • Continuous integration of upstream changes
  • Focus on UX (user experience)
  • Consumer over Enterprise

Let’s focus on the last two key features; user experience. When you navigate to http://akroma.io it is very clear and easy to understand the goals and purpose of Akroma as well as the vital technical details such as coin data. The wallet is easy to use and very straight forward as well as the information needed to start mining. The pools list is well established and the built-in Address | Transaction | Block explorer is fast and very pretty!

The team consists of 7 members now and you can read more about them on the Akroma website. They are active across social media and their discord chat is always friendly and helpful, if you know anything about crypto discord channels you will know things can get ……heated at times! We have seen no drama even worthy of mentioning, the staff and members are super nice people.

Let’s get to the part we love, MINING!!!!!

Akroma is easy to mine and now very profitable. 100 MH/s with net you about 28.2 Akroma coins with a value of $0.192, which is nice! This is at the time of this article, please be aware that profitability can change with time. To check Akroma’s profitability go to http://minerpool.net  here you can see the coin amount and dollar amount for mining with 100 Mh/s over a 24 hour period. The estimation assumes a perfect block time of 10 seconds and therefore your mileage may vary.

The easiest way to get started would be to first create wallet, once that is done select a pool! We recommend the following pools;

http://akroma.minerpool.net or http://akroma.cryptopools.info

Once you have selected the pool you wish to mine with, you then need a miner.

We have no bias here as there are many good miners out there. The most popular being claymore, and you can find the claymore file generator here: https://justhash.me/claymore-miner-config-generator/ just enter in your details and the configuration will be generated for you automatically.

Once you have the above all setup you just simply start mining and enjoy the profits and fun of being a part of a great community!

We will be waiting for you and Happy Mining!

Important Links

  1. https://akroma.io
  2. https://wallet.akroma.io
  3. https://justhash.me/claymore-miner-config-generator/
  4. http://akroma.minerpool.net
  5. http://akroma.cryptopools.info
  6. https://discordapp.com/invite/KWC8wtT
  7. https://medium.com/akroma
  8. https://twitter.com/akroma_io
  9. https://facebook.com/AkromaIO
  10. https://instagram.com/akroma.io
  11. https://github.com/akroma-project

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