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Eli W.

(JustHash Himself)
Chief Editor

eli justhash

Eli founded JustHash in late December 2017 with a goal to write about projects and findings that present themselves as he learns more about the cryptocurrency industry.

Levon S.



Cavhash is still working on his short bio, we’ll update that when decides to stop being a slacker!

Mario P.



A football coach by day, and crypto enthusiast by night. I am on a journey to learn as much as I can about cryptocurrency so I can swim with the whales and run with the bulls!


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Interested In Joining the Team?

Do you like to discover and explore the world of cryptocurrency? Join us and share your journey through cryptocurrency with the world by writing with JustHash.

Never written an article before? Don’t sweat it, as long as you have a passion for cryptocurrency there’s a place for you at JustHash. We will evaluate your writing skills with a simple 300 word article.


  • You must speak English
  • You must be able to write in clear English
  • 1-2 articles per week required
  • Capability of joining our Discord
  • Must have a passion for technology
  • Must be able to work in a team environment
  • Having a sense of humor is helpful!
  • Critical thinking is a plus.


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