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MyCryptoStats – Keep Track of your Crypto Assets

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mycryptostats cryptocurrency asset management platform
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Perhaps you’ve heard of this neat little website that helps you keep track of your cryptocurrency holdings. If you haven’t you ought to check it out sometime! MyCryptoStats offers an innovative way to manage your portfolio and keep track of earnings and loss in one (almost) simple dashboard.

Every time I see a new piece of software I try to view it as someone who is brand new with very basic computer knowledge and insight. I feel like operating this way helps make software more intuitive. That said, I did this with MyCryptoStats and I didn’t have too bad of a time! The one thing that I would like to see in the future of this product is the addition of a quick start guide prominently displayed to new users on their first login. Until then, I will be writing a quick start guide for MyCryptoStats later on this week.

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the product. When you visit their website you’re presented with a professional looking website helping their claim to legitimacy.  Center stage is a nice call to action to sign up. Once you’ve registered and signed in you’re presented with essentially a blank dashboard. This is where I think a nice quick start guide would help people new to MyCryptoStats.

If you fancy playing with the dashboard, you’ll figure it out and end up with something like this:

MyCryptoStats Dashboard

As I have not tested every coin available in the MCS dashboard, several of them will automatically pull the balances of your wallets. Unfortunately for the PIRL alt-coin, this is yet to be the case although for now you can manually enter your balance to keep track of your profit/loss. The interface is nice and updates periodically to display the current price of your coin. You can click on a coin listed in the center to change what coin you’re currently viewing.


Unfortunately with most products like this there are limitations. With a basic free account, you can only add a certain amount of wallet addresses, coins, masternodes and so on. You can see the limitations of the various tiers of membership below:

MyCryptoStats Membership Tiers

In light of the paid options, the free tier is enough to get a basic cryptocurrency holder started. Keep in mind these prices are on an annual basis and you are able to pay for the service with cryptocurrencies you may hold. Quick math tells us that an upgraded account will cost you a whopping $0.62 and a half cents per month.

Overall, this tool is nice for just about anyone that has a stake in the cryptocurrency industry to keep track of profit and loss. I feel like with a little polishing in regard to the ease of use it could be a go to product in the future.

Don’t have an account yet? You can sign up for a MyCryptoStats.com account here. If you fancy a discussion, you can hop into their discord by clicking here.

What do you think about MCS, do you have any specific likes or dislikes about the software? Tell us in the comments below or join the JustHash discord by clicking here!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to shill this platform, I just enjoy what it offers. You wont find a referral link here my friend.

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