Nodez Coin Announces Refunds for Early Adopters
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Many waited for months, many experienced the repeated failed launches from the developers of Nodez. Unfortunately, as of 2/11/2018 the mind behind Nodez announced the all early adopters (those that invested in the coin prior to launch) will receive refunds.

The developer behind Nodez Matthew Waller(former developer for PIRL), had seemingly disappeared from the public’s sight for an unknown amount of weeks. Rumors surfaced that the developer had suffered an injury to his shoulder which inevitably put him out of commission. The lack of development led project founder Daniel (WhyWeFight) to cease work on the project and begin closing up shop.

Although the early adopters will receive their refunds, the future of this coin remains to be unseen. There have been additional rumors that the coins source code would be made public giving the possibility that another developer could come along and pick up where Mr. Waller had left off.

Ultimately the amount of ethereum forks has increased greatly in the past couple of months with the addition of coins like Victorium, HotelByte, and Akroma. Unless there is real world use application and forward thinking development for this project, it may be best to let it rest in peace.

Kudos go out to all of Nodez early adopters for keep their patience about them and riding it out until the end. Do you think another developer should pick up where the developers of nodez left off? Let us know in the comments or join our Discord chat by clicking the link at the top of the page and discuss nodez with us.

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