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Nodez Coin (NDZ) Has Successful Testnet Test

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Nodez update
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I’m excited to say that the JustHash crew participated in a successful test of the Nodez Coin Testnet on Wednesday. We loaded up our miners and began hashing away at the Nodez blockchain, one share at a time.

This is promising news considering the last two failed launched from the Nodez Team. Many people were disheartened by the failures. However, WallerMaDev insists on releasing a quality coin that isn’t rushed which we like.

The lead developer (Waller) began posting updates shortly before the test on the coins discord, including images of the new wallet and various other things. The overall design of the wallet (including the web wallet) are absolutely gorgeous. Better than many that I have personally seen in the past. However, if you’re not a fan of purple, then it might not be for you!

So what does this mean for you?

After successfully testing on Testnet, this means the launch of Nodez is almost imminent! Waller states that they will give ample time for people to prepare and announce an official launch date and time in their discord channel.

What wallets will be available?

Waller stated in discord on the 12th of January that they will be “Launching a custom built native wallet for all platforms at launch along side a web wallet” depending on which one you would like to use. Both wallets will be hosted on http://wallet.nodezcrypto.io and will have the choice to download the native nodez wallet or use the web wallet which source codes will both be available on github.

Nodez WalletNodez wallet NDZ Wallet

Final Testing of the Nodez Network

As this was a successful test of the nodez test network, we have one final hurdle to overcome. The nodez team will run a test on the testnet one remaining time to make sure everything is working properly. This test will be between the developers and the early adopters (those who pre-purchased NDZ) and will be left to run ahead of the main net.

After this test is completed, developers will then announce a definitive time for the coins launch.

I do believe a user of the Nodez Discord said it best.

Communication is key, it sets up the appearance that an organized project is being presented. I know personally I consider my hash power valuable to my bottom dollar so I am picky what coin I mine and project I commit to. I am sure this sentiment is common with most miners.

– odus709

Our sentiment is exactly on par with that statement. Waller is has been amply communicative with the users of Nodez and I’m sure we all (well most of us) can appreciate the exorbitant amount of work they have put into this project. We are very excited about the future of this cryptopcurrency and look forward to the next update.

What do you think about Nodez? Let us know in the comments or come discuss it with us on Discord!

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