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Nodez Coin Officially a Failcoin: Thanks Matthew Waller

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We posted recently that the Early Adopters of Nodez would be receiving refunds of their initial investment. However, new reasoning of the Nodez Coin failure has come to light in the past twenty-four hours thanks to insider sources that have requested to be left anonymous. To those people, I’d like to personally give thanks for helping others understand exactly what happened.

The Developer (hah):

Matthew Waller (WallerMaDev) has been part of several projects in the past. All of which have ended in him being kicked off the team. Why though?

It was shared with us that Waller had been part of projects such as PIRL, ELLA, Nodez, and another project that has asked us not to identify them. In all four of these projects, Waller was assigned tasks that he fell short on. No work was completed yet he had the audacity to ask for payment in advance. When you’re a developer and it’s your sole income, I can absolutely understand the need for funds to maintain your living conditions. Especially when it comes to such a large project like a cryptocurrency.

Let’s look at the various projects Waller has had his grimy fingers in.


Waller was part of the PIRL development team, this is known. Waller had apparently written a wallet for PIRL. However, sources stated the wallet was so bad they had to completely trash it and start over. Mind you none of this code was released to PIRL, simply screen shots.

The PIRL wallet was rewritten as it was faster to do so than fixing the current garbage Waller had written. However, to keep it professional PIRL released a statement that was much more pleasant than I aim to be in this post.

This decision was not made lightly, and has come to this conclusion for a number of reasons. First, was a chronic failure to release or submit work in a timely manner; or indeed prove work was making significant progress. Second was a gross dereliction of duty. Third was attempting to repeatedly incite discord among staff. Lastly, the final event to trigger this decision was a conflict of interest, whereby Waller began to work on another project full-time.


After his short-lived experience with PIRL, our developer Matthew Waller was going to join the team at Ellaism. Sources stated that Waller had promised to deliver the work he did for PIRL, to ELLA. While Waller pandered his services to ELLA, he also started his time with Nodez. Waller understood that ELLA was a community funded coin and knew he wasn’t going to be paid. He then added a wallet address to the ELLA website to receive donations under the premise that his popularity would reap a reward. Waller didn’t do anything for ELLA after this point, wanted donations for doing nothing.

Wait a second, are we seeing a pattern here? A developer who wants to contribute nothing yet be paid for work that he probably had no intention of doing? What is wrong with this guy… Help me figure that out in the comments, because I have yet to understand.


When Wallet? The question asked by the multitude of users in the Nodez Crypto discord server. The answer, you probably guessed it, never. We covered many failed launches from nodez and kept optimistic about the outcome. Let’s take a look at the glorious failures of Nodez.

A launch attempt was scheduled for 1/02/2018, however absolutely nothing was ready.

The second attempt at launch happened on 01/03/2018. Unfortunately, it failed because every pool forked.

A third attempt was made on the same day, no no avail.

Attempt four happened on 1/20/2018 and failed presumably due to problems with the chain.

Launch attempt number five happened on 1/21/2018 but no information was given, both the founder (Daniel aka WhyWeFight) and Waller were silent.

Interesting Fact:

Waller uploaded images to the announcement channel in the Nodez Discord of the supposed nodez wallet that he had been working on. However, have you heard of xeth.org? It might look something like the following:

xeth wallet

Still not seeing it? How about changing the color of the wallet just a little…

So, what you’re looking at here is a cloned xeth wallet that doesn’t even work. This is the fruition of months of work from Waller, an ethereum wallet that he changed some colors on and tried to pass off as his own.

Another Project, Another Broken Promise

We’ve been asked not to name the coin that Waller was a Security Consultant for, but I wanted to bring it to light that he lived up to his name here as well. He was kicked off of this team for the same reasons as every other project he’s graced with his presence.

Matthew Waller has been a barrel of broken promises. There was always some reason why this or that wasn’t completed, always an excuse. I legitimately feel bad for Daniel, the founder of Nodez. Ultimately, he fell victim to a scammer. It’s my understanding that Daniel even paid Waller prior to any work being done.

Since the last failed launch of Nodez, Waller has been radio silent. No one has seen or heard from him since. We can only hope that he stays away from the crypto industry which is probably unlikely. At least if you see this fellow in the wild, you’ll know what he’s capable of.

Matthew Waller Nodez

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