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Nodez Coin to Launch January 2nd

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nodez coin
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There’s another major player coming to town in the alt-coin community, let’s take a look at some information about Nodez Coin.

A little about Nodez according to Daniel(whywefight):

Q: What are the Coin Specs?

A: Ticker NDZ Total Coin Supply: 50.000.000
Algo: Dagger Hashimoto
Block reward: 5 NDZ lowerd to 3 NDZ after 5 million NDZ have been mined
Block time: 20sec
Reward Distribution till block 30240: 100% Miners Reward Distribution starting block 30241: 60% Miners / 40% Masternodes

InstantSend confirmation: ~5 seconds
Diff retarget: to be determined
Transaction Anonymity via PrivateSend
Premine 2% (1.000.000 NDZ)
Premine Split: 700.000 NDZ for Bounties and Development / 300.000 NDZ Private Developer funds (locked via Smart Contract)
Masternode Collateral: 1000 NDZ

Q: How are you going to spend dev funds and what prevents you from dumping coins on the market?

A: Team Members will be paid for their work out of the Dev Funds. This includes every dev, Community Manager, Mod and every Contributor of the community. Everyone who has a assigned job will be paid via Smart Contract. The funds will be locked in a multi sig wallet to ensure no party can use funds without consensus. Same goes for private dev funds.

Q: Is there a website?
A: http://www.nodezcrypto.io/

Q: Will masternodes be required to host all DAGs or just the current DAG?
A: They are required to host all DAGs.

Q: When will NDZ be listed on an exchange?
A: We have thought about this a lot and decided to target Cryptopia as a well known mid sized exchange. We are currently holding 5.2 Million DOT, allowing us to go for a paid listing after launch.

Q: How much will Nodez be worth in the future?
A: That is hard to answer without having an open market. However the latest trade rate after the presale will be 1 NDZ @ $2. That should give you a direction.

Q: How much money was collected during the the pre sale?
A: We collected 45k USD

Where can I make a Nodez Wallet?

Currently you cannot make a wallet. When nodez is officially launched we will provide a link to make your nodez wallet, or you can check the nodezcrypto website.

Will you mine Nodez?

The JustHash Pool admin will have a pool ready to go when this coin launches. As for if we’re going to be mining Nodez? The answer to that is, you bet we are. When the pool is launched, it will be immediately available to access on JustHash.me under the pools menu option up in the navigation area.

The Future:

While the future is still unclear what Wallermadev has in store for the coin, we’re familiar with the teams work and expect good things to come. However, only time will tell. Anyone experienced in the industry can tell you that coins fail all the time but we have our eye on you NodezCrypto!

How do you feel about Nodez? Will you be mining on launch day? Let us know in the comments or come join the discussion on our discord.

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