Nodez Launch Date Delayed Due to Unknown Circumstances
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As many of us have been preparing for the long-awaited launch of the nodez coin (NDZ), it was announced today that due to unknown reasons that the coin would be pushed back to a later date.

It is unknown to us as to why the launch date was delayed but there is some hope. Daniel(whywefight), a dev on the nodez coin project stated that the delay wouldn’t be long and to expect the coin to release on January 3, 2018.

nodez coin delay launch

While it’s understood that things like this happen people should understand that sometimes in a dev environment things can happen, for whatever reason or no reason at all. It does show a sense of patience and the essence of professionalism which every dev team should strive for. Delaying a launch to make sure everything works as expected is better than an on time launch with something that goes wrong and panic ensues.

I look forward to the future of nodez coin and hope that they release more details of what the dev team has in store for the project. However, as many in the cryptocurrency industry know, coins come and they go.

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