Pegascoin’s Best Kept Secret: Peer 2 Peer Exchange
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Much hype is circling the Pegascoin community as the Depository on the Blockchain 2.0 (DOB2.0) is set to arrive around block 564,000, which should occur during the first weeks of April.  Even more attention has been brought to the coin as a major vote to reduce miner rewards after block 555,555 occurred this past weekend.

This accumulation of events has taken some attention away from one of Pegascoin’s best kept secrets, the Pegascoin P2P Exchange!  One of the main purposes of Pegascoin is to create and launch new projects on the blockchain, and this peer-to-peer exchange is a work of art!  The main focus of the P2P exchange is to allow users to easily exchange Ethereum based coins directly from their wallets without third-party fees.  More importantly, the exchange allows trades to happen directly between the buyer and the seller.

The exchange currently supports the exchange of $PGC, $PIRL, $MUSIC, and of course $ETH.  The user must input their keystore and password for any of the aforementioned coins to gain access to the Pegascoin Exchange.  The user interface is very friendly from this point.  If the user is looking to sell/buy they must input their ‘Order Amount’, ‘Order Price’, and exchange ‘Pair’.  The best feature the exchange is the red/green indicator that informs the user if the current Pegascoin Exchange price is cheaper than the rates on Stocks.Exchange and BTC-Alpha.

If you’re looking to make a last minute push to secure a spot in DOB2.0, stop by the Pegascoin Exchange and set up an order!  Make sure to follow me on twitter @CoachCryptos and as always HAPPY MINING!

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