Pirl community raises 20 BTC in 2 hours for exchange listing!
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Pirl has decided to reach out to the community to raise funds for a new exchange listing.  The developers of the coin reached out to the Pirl community this morning to ask if they would be willing to support the team in getting the coin listed on HitBTC.

The community overwhelmingly agreed and a list was started to put offers in to purchase at a 0.0002 BTC to 1 Pirl.  The development team is also offering a 5% bonus on any Pirl purchased during this time.

The community hit the BTC goal in 2 hours.  The purchase will be setup as an over the counter purchase so the exchanges (Cryptopia and Stocks.exchange) won’t take a huge hit.  The coins that are being sold from the Pirl Development Fund.  Pirl has a 13 second block time with at 12 coin block reward.

10 Pirl is allocated for the block finder, 1 Pirl for masternode owners and 1 Pirl for the Development Fund.  Bids are still being allowed on the Pirl Discord group.  If more funds are raised, the developers plan on asking the community about adding additional trading pairs (USDT, ETH, LTC) besides the primary goal of BTC/PIRL trading.

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