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PIRL Holds Own Against Yearly BTC Price Dip

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PIRL — A fork of the popular ethereum alt-coin fought the good fight today which should be inspiring to investors. Against odds this coin kept it’s value as bitcoin dropped to around $9,000 today. However as we see in charts like in this article it’s become a to be expected happening every year.

As many coins get their value based on the value of bitcoin. I wanted to shed some light on this “mighty mouse” of a coin and what makes it a major contender among the literal plethora of other coins on the market.

PIRL Development

The team behind PIRL is robust to say the least. Julien du Bois or known as “Masterdubs” is the lead developer and founder of the coin. His team consisting of Chris Bischoff, Christian Nowak, Martin Merfort, Alexander Haslam, Alex Trottier, and Christian Bergemann present a solid foundation for the future of PIRL.

The team has outlined their roadmap for the coin and the features we can expect to come in the (near) future. Some of those we posted about and you can find here.

A track record of progress is also a tried and true method of providing faith in a currency and the developers of PIRL have given that throughout since launch. One other aspect to mention is responsiveness. The developers are always online and will respond to inquiries if you are in need unlike other cryptocurrencies where the developers are in and out sporadically.

PIRL Community

An absolute jaw drop is the community this alt coin has. When you join the PIRL discord channel or even on their forums you’re treated like you just came home. The community managers (CM’s)  are always there to help and in a situation a CM isn’t there to answer a question you might have, users usually come through with the home run.

Don’t believe me, see for yourself and drop by the PIRL discord and say Hi, you’ll get a warm welcome.

Forward Movement

PIRL has come so far since it was first released. The dev team has been actively working on new features that will be available in poseidon such as the payment gateway, masternodes, and the marketplace. What sets PIRL apart from the rest of the masternode enabled coins is that PIRL’s masternodes will actually have function and provide network stability for the blockchain.

The “Dev-Diary” Channel on their discord has consistent updates from the developers on what they are working on and how far along they are on the specific project.

Final Thought

I asked the PIRL community what they thought made PIRL great, one answer that resonated with me was from a user that goes by DeCryptIcon, this is what he said:

The thing I keep telling people about is the elegance. The name, the theme, the polish, the approach, the system – it’s all very elegant and that’s not something I see hardly at all in crypto. I found PIRL on day 2 of mining and my friends were wondering why I was all jacked up on it. I showed them to look past “just another project” to the finer details of it all instead and they agreed.

I have to agree with him wholeheartedly, PIRL presents an elegance about itself that you don’t often see with many of the other alt coins that are currently attempting to crowd the industry. As a whole, PIRL has it all and then some and it’s partly why I have fallen in love with the coin and want to vest time and money into the project.

Do you feel PIRL has any weaknesses or reasons that make you doubt the coin? Let us know in the comments or join us on discord by clicking the “Join our Discord” link at the top of the page.

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