PIRL Masternodes Say Goodbye to Beta!
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Today the PIRL team announced that after months of development and intensive testing the PIRL Masternode is finally saying goodbye to the beta testing phase.

PIRL has been testing their “Premium” Masternodes which leverage IPFS technology and in turn are eligible for an elevated rewards versus the typical PIRL masternode. Sources at PIRL state that “Premium Masternodes have being running great and for a sufficient period of time for us to have the confidence to move forward with the official release.”

The beta test is set to come to an end on the 23rd of March of this year and will be the first Ethereum based Masternode will release under the name “Premium Masternode. Masternode owners on the PIRL blockchain should note that they will be required to run the new binaries.

PIRL states that there will be a hard fork at the 2,000,001 block and any masternodes running the old binary will not be paid any reward.

It’s an exciting time on the PIRL blockchain with this technology being released out of the beta test. We’ve seen new dApps (decentralized applications) launched on the PIRL blockchain as of late and I think developers will more than likely keep the dApps coming.

I would ultimately like to see some applications launched that really utilize the functionality of PIRL’s masternode system. Time will tell however how well the masternode system works once developers launch “heavier” applications on the blockchain!

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