Project Restart: A Complete Mining Guide – Introduction
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Project Restart:

A ‘gat damn long series in which I will help you go from not knowing anything at all to becoming a full flexed miner.

This series will consist of around 5 posts that will be listed as the following:

Part I: Organs [What hardware to pick]

Part II: Surgery [Getting all the hardware together correctly]

Part III: Rehabilitation [Installing w10 and tuning it for a better mining performance]

Part IV: Functional brain [Start mining]

Part V: 金 (Money) [Cashing out some profits]

Let me warn you that since this series will contain a lot of information it is going to be very long and beefy. I will try to post images throughout the entire series to make things more visual. I will take information, articles, and images along with other resources from other websites and authors which I will credit at the end of the corresponding article, if there is no reference that means I was the source.

Mandatory:this is not financial advice” but come on, I’m doing this humongous guide so you go down the right path… so if you don’t want to follow everything religiously at least pay attention to what you are about to read because it might save you a whole lot of trouble.

A bit about myself:

While recently diving deep onto the crypto scene, I’ve been aware of it since early 2012-2013 and got interested enough to create just a wallet. Sadly, I was distracted by other affairs and so my curiosity about Bitcoin and crypto at that moment remained stale. Fast forward 4 years later, while struggling to get through 2 degrees at the university (Industrial tech engineering and hardware spec engineering bilingual in Spain), I caught a glimpse of the upcoming bull-run that was going on in the crypto world and became interested again. I joined communities, started mining, and have been hooked ever since. As of today I own 3 rigs myself that consist of GTX 1050ti’s, rx 560’s and rx 570’s. I also manage a couple of rigs (570’s) for my friends which I do not benefit from at all.

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Always trying to learn.

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