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RavenCoin Now Listed On Bittrex

In Alt-Coin, Cryptocurrency
ravencoin now listed on bittrex
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A fantastic feat overcome by RavenCoin happened recently, they are now listed on one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges used in the industry. Bittrex announced on August 14th 2018 that RavenCoin would be joining the ranks. Unfortunately, Bittrex has seen volume dropping tremendously lately.

At one point the exchange could clout that it was the biggest exchange following the downfall of Poloniex in 2017. A rise in exchanges based in Asia and the onslaught of regulatory issues the exchanges faces have lead to the loss in popularity when it delisted an enormous amount of cryptocurrency projects earlier this year.

RavenCoin states that it “aims to implement a blockchain which is optimized specifically for the use case of transferring assets such as tokens from one holder to another”. Overall it seems to be a solid project with plenty of community backing. If you’re interested in learning more about $RVN you can check out their BitcoinTalk announcement here.

When $RVN was added to the exchange the coin saw a giant pump only to drop below its current price which was almost a 10% loss.

The coin currently sits at a rank of #138 on CoinMarketCap.com with a market cap of almost $32.8 million and a current daily trade volume of $1.8 million. You can currently buy $RVN for $0.019 if you’re looking to buy into the project.

So you think RavenCoin is the next big thing or is the project riding a wave of hype? Share your thoughts about RavenCoin below or come join the conversation on discord by clicking this link.

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