The Perks of PURK

The PURK Project presents an exciting opportunity for both miners and content providers.  The purpose of the PURK Project is to help content owners and service providers monetize their website quickly and easily from their consumers.  This problem is solved through a one-click donation button called the “PURK Button”.  This button allows for the consumer to tip the content owner quickly and anonymously.

I plan to show you the simplicity of this project whether you are the content owner or the consumer. Here is how to use the PURK Button:


  1. Download the newest version of the PURK Wallet (
  2. Generate New Wallet & Save (write down your seed words!)
  3. Click “PURK API” on the top right
    1. Enter your website’s full URL
    2. Select the size of the “PURK Button”
    3. Click Submit
  4.  Embed the generated code into your website and start receiving donations for your content!



  1. Identify a website that utilizes the PURK Button
  2. Open your PURK Wallet
  3. Click the PURK Button on the website
  4. Input donation/tip amount and authorize
  5.  Open GUI wallet and confirm donation/tip and you have anonymously donated/tipped the content provider

From a miners prospective, the project uses the unique, AMD friendly, Wild Keccak algorithm.  The difficulty is relatively low. If you are interested in mining PURK, I would encourage you to read this article.

I believe that this is a strong project that is backed up by a very active community and respected, hard-working developer. I recommend that you read more about this project on their official website ( or listen to my podcast, Proof-of-Work Podcast.



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