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Tron Coin (Tronix) Breaks Into Top 10 Alt Coin

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Based on the top 10 crypto-currencies of market cap shifts Tronix (Tron or TRX) has taken a firm hold on the number 6 position in regard to capacity charts. The current market cap is sitting at a nice $18 billion. It’s no lie that the movers and shakers of the cryptocurrency industry move fast, Tron has clearly shown that to be true.

TRX is currently trading at a high of $0.28 which is up from a mere 3 thousandths of a cent (.003) earlier this month. To put that into numbers, that presents an increase of nearly 7000% in just over a month.

What drives a coin like this to have such an increase in this short amount of time? The answer could be as simple as this, partnerships. According to Justin Sun who is socially active on twitter, his recent posts imply there may be yet another partnership in line for TRX.

More partnerships are coming! Even #NASDAQ listed companies and the giant companies with more than 100 million users started to contact us for partnership. We will be huge soon!”

We will announce our partnership with a very prestigious public listed company next week. Looking forward to it! We will have a live streaming on January 6th 10am GMT+8 Beijing time. Update you with the latest partnership and tech development. Please don’t miss the show!”

Sun is know for working with Alibaba chief Jack Ma and there have been rumors of a potential partnership between Ma and Sun could set fire to this speculation.

Tron’s recent partnerships with an Asian bike sharing company “oBike” and Game.com has done this alt coin well. They plan on launching a game similar to CryptoKitties that backed up the Ethereum network during it’s peak last year.

TRX has a heavy present on Binance which contains nearly 90% of Tronix’ entire volume. In a mere 24 hours TRX is up an amazing 140 percent. According to coinmarketcap the is a current supply of 100 billion TRX with 65 of the 100 in circulation.

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