VeggieCoin Help’s it’s first Animal
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A week or so ago we posted about a new cryptocurrency with a cause. VeggieCoin was founded on the basis that they wanted to help animals in need and now, they’ve done just that.

VeggieCoin reports that a user that mined the cryptocurrency for two weeks sold their mined coin on an exchange for around $20.00 USD which was then used to by supplies for a dog in need. In the video the user purchases dog food and treats and delivers it to an unfortunate soul in need.

Support for the coin’s cause has steadily increased since it’s inception and is speculated to continue a positive trend in growth. While many coin’s focus on staying ahead of technology, it’s refreshing to see a Cryptocurrency with a cause.

If you would like to join the cause a mine VeggieCoin to help animals in need, check out this post on how to mine the VeggieCoin. JustHash currently dedicates two days a month to mining VeggieCoin and plans to donate all mined coin back to VeggieCoin to join the fight to save animals in need.

If you would like more information on VeggieCoin, you can check out their website here or join the Discord Chat here. Be sure to give a friendly hello to Oscar and Barney and tell them thank you for all the work they’ve put in thus far on their cryptocurrency. It’s not often we see how beneficial something like cryptocurrency can be to others, other than personal gain.

From all of us here at JustHash I would like to extend a heart felt thank you to this VeggieCoin user for going out of your way to help an animal in need. You are a prime example of the decency capable of the human race.

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