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What happened Pirl?

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What happened Pirl?

We have seen Pirl decline over the past 2 months at a steady rate, many factors are at play and one cannot be pin pointed. Many feel that the lack of marketing or the issues with Cryptopia are to blame, I for one do not have a good answer as I am just a miner like many of you with bills to pay. I can’t always buy the dip and I am stuck without a way to liquidate my coins as many of them are so new and do not have an exchange yet. So, we have a bit of a dilemma. What do we do?

I think a key thing to remember would be, don’t let emotions control your judgement. If you need to sell, you should sell. There will generally be someone who can buy when you need to sell. Granted you will be selling at a loss but if you must and have no choice try to get the best price you can, and then learn from your mistake.

So how do we know what to invest in, is Pirl a worthwhile investment? Let’s look and see what we can learn about Pirl.

  1. Solid Earnings
  2. Undervalued
  3. Crypto Rich
  4. Low Debt
  5. Mining Community


Solid Earnings – Pirl has consistently been in the top 5 on Whattomine.com and has been a stable and profitable coin even in this bear market. As the market and exchanges recover we will see growth in earnings and profitability.

Undervalued – Pirl is highly undervalued and not well-known to the masses, yet. If Pirl can get its marketing team on point and get the word out to the masses, Pirl would find itself in a great place!

Crypto Rich – The Pirl team collects 1 Pirl Coin ever 13 seconds and Masternode owners collect 1 Pirl as well, leaving 10 coins for mining rewards. There are now 176 Masternodes as of the writing of this article. This means each Masternode receives 37.76 Pirl coins per day and the dev team receives 6646 Pirl coins per day. That is pretty good for 1 day and means the dev team alone, at current market value, earns 2.1 Million per year.

Low debt – I was not able to find any information on the debt that Pirl may have as it is not a publicly traded company, however we can assume the debt is low given how cryptocurrency functions.

Mining – Current network hashrate is 892.94 GH with a Difficulty of 11.608 T mining Pirl, in terms of reward to work done, has solid return in terms of break even for power costs. Mining Pirl and paying for the power used to mine is very doable and profitable even in the current market. The Pirl mining community is hands down in this miner’s opinion the best community to date.

Pirl team members and staff are always friendly and ready to help with whatever your issue might be related to cryptocurrency and especially Pirl.

So come and mine some Pirl with us!



*I’m not a certified financial planner/advisor nor a certified financial analyst nor an economist nor a CPA nor an accountant nor a lawyer. I’m not a finance professional through formal education. – This is not financial advice invest at your own risk

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