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What is Bitcoin Latina (BCL Coin)?

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bcl coin
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Bitcoin Latina’s Goal:

To Develop a Distributed Blockchain Network Utilizing Smart Contracts, Designed for Latin America

Through key partnerships across Latin America and through strategic acquisitions of related technology, Bitcoin Latina is building an ecosystem around decentralized applications. These will bring efficiencies, create business opportunities and increase Latin American adoption of blockchain technology. In the spirit of the original Bitcoin, our focus is on trustless, immutable, decentralized, peer-to-peer networks of connected computing power; rewarded with a cryptocurrency for work such as mining, writing code, referring others, community moderation, or otherwise improving the network.

Under the hood we considered forking several different well-progressed projects based on how developed their code, how many engineers on the project, how active the community, how tested the code… Ultimately we felt the best choice for a digital asset management system, utilizing smart contracts on a distributed network, would be to fork the Ethereum codebase.

We are in the process of innovating upon the existing Ethereum codebase, such that we both surpass Ethereum itself and give back to the community. These improvements include:

● Decentralizing and improving core infrastructure;
● Core scaling protocols;
● Mobile and lightweight implementations;
● Robust and open source wallet infrastructure;
● Telecommunications infrastructure for blockchain and data delivery such as Cube Satellites;
● Knowledge and innovation centers via libraries, universities and related institutions;

Utilizing our connections and collective team experience in U.S. securities and commodities regulation, our ecosystem is expected to include a legal, decentralized exchange to trade tokens and security tokens. We plan to build this infrastructure on the BitcoinLatina blockchain, as well as the BitShares blockchain. The BitShares blockchain will be used for additional components of BitcoinLatina infrastructure, such as our “Banking the Unbanked” initiatives.

These aspects will be covered in our second White Paper. BitcoinLatina is the first blockchain focused entirely on Latin America and has developed a growing community of volunteers to help the Foundation reach its goals. We also are the first Foundation to announce our intention to file for a public security offering with the U.S.

Securities & Exchange Commission, separate from our initial cryptocurrency issuance. These securities will be issued as security tokens on the BitcoinLatina blockchain, and will represent ownership in the Foundation. This requires that we domicile within the United States, specifically crypto-friendly Nevada.

The BitcoinLatina Cryptocurrency

BitcoinLatina is a tradable cryptocurrency commodity coin, sponsored by the BitcoinLatina Foundation, with the symbol BCL. In the genesis block of the BitcoinLatina network, one billion BitcoinLatina coins were generated and are held in the treasury to be given out over the next ten years.

The majority (80%) of coins will be provided to Latin American university/college students for work, as grants to entrepreneurs building dApps on the BCL, and to acquire related technology partners.

Mining will increase the supply by approximately 20,000 coins daily, indefinitely. BitcoinLatina Cryptocurrencies are subdividable. The minimum unit of a BCL coin is 0.000000000000000001 BCL.

Initially the only coins available for sale on exchanges will be from miners and those doing work to grow the Foundation through some effort. Visitors will be able to get a current count of coins at the BitcoinLatina.org website, along with the last traded price and value based on current real-time circulation. Visitors will also be able to view a chart with the expected total coins expected to enter circulation over time.

BCL Cryptocurrency is either earned, granted or mined.

10-Year Distribution of 1 Billion Original BCL Coins

  • 100 million BCL coins are for acquisitions
  • 200 million BCL coins are for entrepreneurs to develop apps & services on the BCL
  • 500 million BCL coins are for university students and Latin American organizations
  • 200 million BCL coins are for the teams, founders & advisors globally over four years

Bitcoin Latina Distribution

Bitcoin Latina Website

Discord Server

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